Bowen Li (23) (CH)- 1st Prize

Lev Terskov (RUS) – 2nd Prize

Aleksandr Zakharov (RUS) –3rd Prize and Audience Award

Jury Committee

Cyprien Katsaris

Jura Margulis

Gabriel Tacchino

Idith Zvi

Piérre Reach

George Konstantinidis

Maria Panagiotidou

The jury decided not to award the prize money awarded to the best Greek contestant.
The organizers of the 9th International Piano Competition “GIORGOS THYMIS” (Association of Friends of the State Orchestra and K.O.Th.) would like to warmly thank the members of the jury, 7 world-renowned Greek and foreign artists who graced the competition with their presence : the President of the Commission, Cyprien Katsaris (France) and Piérre Réach (France), Idith Zvi (Israel), George Konstantinidis (Greece), Jura Margulis (Russia), Gabriel Tacchino (France), Maria Panagiotidou (Greece).
With the awarding of prizes in a final that we will never forget, the 9th “Giorgos Thymis” International Piano Competition was successfully concluded, which gathered the positive impressions of everyone with the high level of the competitors, who spoke of a perfect organization and a wonderful atmosphere of cooperation, as well as from the audience who enjoyed the free recitals of the preliminary and semi-final rounds, as well as the great final with KOTH.
The now internationally acclaimed Piano Competition, named after the great pianist, conductor and composer, former director of the State Orchestra and State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Thymis (1924-2009), belongs to WFIMC (World Federation International Music Competitions) and is a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.
The “Giorgos Thymis” International Piano Competition, this great musical event that promotes Thessaloniki and Greece internationally, renews its appointment with piano lovers for January 2021!

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