The Competition is open to pianists of any nationality, born on or after 12 January 1990.


The application can submitted via our website. Final date for receipt of applications is 15 December 2022.


To ensure their participation, applicants should include with their application form the following documents:

1. PHOTOGRAPHS: Two (2) recent high-resolution photographs, no smaller than 1200px., suitable for publication.

2. BIOGRAPHY: A short biography of 100 words (maximum), in Greek or English.

3. PASSPORT OR PHOTO ID OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Aside from a digital copy of the applicant’s passport or photo identification card (two sides), a certified copy of the birth certificate is also acceptable. Non-EU applicants should submit any of these documents along with a certified English translation.

4. REPERTOIRE: The repertoire chosen to be performed in each of the three rounds (see REPERTOIRE LIST below). ATTENTION: two (2) copies of the score of 20th- or 21st-century works to be played in the 2nd Round (Semifinal) must be submitted to the Organizing Committee during the Preliminary Round of the Competition.

5. DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS: Copies of degrees and diplomas certifying the standard of the applicant’s musical education..

6. LIST OF TEACHERS: A chronological list of all past and present teachers up to the application submission.


1. The Competition consists of three rounds: Preliminary – Semifinal – Final. The Preliminary and Semifinal rounds will be solo recitals to take place at the Rehearsal Hall of the THESSALONIKI STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (former movie theatre ‘PALLAS’), NIKIS AVENUE 71-73, THESSALONIKI. The Final involves a concerto with orchestra and will take place at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron), where the prizes will be awarded.

2. Each pianist will perform a 20-minute programme in the Preliminary Round.

3. Up to twelve (12) pianists will be selected to advance to the Semifinal, where they will perform a 60-minute programme.

4. Three (3) pianists will be selected to perform a concerto with the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra


1. Works to be performed must be chosen by applicants from the Competition Repertoire List. It rests on the applicant to determine the order in which they are to be performed.

2. The repertoire chosen must be submitted along with the application (by 15 December 2022). NO CHANGES TO THE SUBMITTED REPERTOIRE WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER 15 DECEMBER 2022.

3. Works performed in one round may not be repeated in another.

4. When submitting their chosen repertoire, applicants must include full details of all works: full title, opus or catalogue number (BWV, KV, Hob., D, Op. etc.) and timings.

5. The Jury reserves the right to stop a competitor whenever it deems necessary to do so.

6. Repeats may be included or omitted at the applicant’s discretion, bearing in mind the time limits specified.

7. Works requiring ‘prepared’ piano or use of additional equipment will not be allowed.

8. Performances of unpublished works will not be allowed.


Competitors should note the following:

  • The order of appearance in the Preliminary Round will be drawn by lot, which shall take place on the evening of Thursday 12.01.2023 at 20:00, at the Rehearsal Hall of the THESSALONIKI STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (former movie theatre “PALLAS”), NIKIS AVENUE 71-73, THESSALONIKI. The competitors’ presence is mandatory. Those advancing on to the Semifinal will perform in the same order, while the Jury will decide the order of the Final.
  • All works must be played from memory.
  • Competitors are advised to make full use of the time allowed for each round in the Competition. The Jury will take the choice of programme and use of time into consideration.
  • Competitors unable to perform when required will be disqualified, unless there is a serious reason (illness or accident). In that case, a medical certificate must be provided and the Jury may – at its discretion change the order of the competitor’s appearance.
  • If at any time during the Competition after the Preliminary Round a competitor cannot perform due to ill-health or as a result of any irregularity, the Organizing Committee/Jury shall be entitled to promote the highest placed runner-up in the next round in place of the withdrawing competitor. In the event of a tie between the runners-up, the Jury will be asked to vote again until the closest runner-up is selected.
  • The Jury reserves the right not to award a prize.
  • A member of the Jury whose student is competing cannot participate in the voting process affecting directly the particular competitor.
  • All rounds of the Competition will be open to the general public and may be broadcast live or videotaped/recorded on radio, television or film for future transmission in Greece and/or abroad.
  • Any applicant giving inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified.
  • According to the Rules and Regulations of this announcement, the Organizing Committee is responsible for organizing the Competition and validating the applications submitted by the competitors.


You can find the Repertoire List here.


Daily practice facilities will be provided for competitors. There will be two (2) rehearsals with orchestra for the finalists.


Whilst participating in the Competition, competitors will be contracted exclusively to the Competition which will have the right, without payment of
fees, to:

1. Televise, film, video, tape-record, broadcast or photograph all rounds of the Competition for media, social media, competition website or any other purpose.

2. Produce documentary or feature films.

3. Produce and distribute recordings of all rounds of the Competition, either in part or in whole, including any Prizewinners’ concerts immediately following the Competition.

4. Request competitors to make themselves available for media interviews and performances during the Competition.

5. To request Prizewinners to be available for up to four (4) days after the Competition to perform or appear in publicity events. No fees will be paid for any such event, but accommodation will be provided by the Organizing Committee.

6. Request that all Prizewinners acknowledge all awards in all future publicity materials.


Engagements which are offered to any Prizewinner as a direct result of the Competition will be negotiated by, and contracted through, the Competition office for a period of two (2) years, i.e. from 20 January 2023. Prizewinners will be expected to undertake all such engagements whenever possible.


Competitors will receive detailed instructions regarding their travel, accommodation and dining arrangements.


Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the rules and regulations of the International Piano Competition “Giorgos Thymis”, the decision of the Competition Organizing Committee and the Jury will be irrevocable and not subject to any appeal. No correspondence will be entered into.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend any of the rules and regulations contained herein, if it is considered necessary to give proper efficacy to the running of the Competition.

More informations: info@thymiscompetition.gr